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    I am using the strip command to strip commas off a querystring. IT works 99% of the time, but I get a few where it strips incorrectly where there are no commas. Compare the folling two lines which have *at each strip point. The first is wrong. If there are no commas anywhere in the data, why is it stripping?<BR><BR>*MECHANICAL & PROCESS *Plate *Forgings Castings Magnets *66 <BR>*MECHANICAL & PROCESS Mixers Liquid Mag Drive *66 *1392 *2955 <BR><BR><BR>for each el in request.querystring<BR>FOR intloop = 1 to Request.querystring(el).Count<BR><BR>keys=request. querystring("code1")(intloop)<BR><BR>keysarray = Split(keys, ",")<BR><BR><BR>*MECHANICAL & PROCESS *Plate *Forgings Castings Magnets *66 <BR>*MECHANICAL & PROCESS Mixers Liquid Mag Drive *66 *1392 *2955

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    Use the replace function to strip commas.<BR><BR>NoCommas = Replace(OldString,",","")<BR>

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    Default *What* STRIP command? Split???

    I think you need to show the *real* code you are using. I can&#039;t believe that what you are showing *ever* works, since you do<BR><BR>FOR intloop = 1 to Request.querystring(el).Count<BR>keys=request.quer ystring("code1")(intloop)<BR><BR>whereas *surely* your real code looks more like:<BR><BR>FOR intloop = 1 to Request.querystring(el).Count<BR>keys=request.quer ystring(el)(intloop) &#039; note el instead of "code1"!!!<BR><BR>Also, DEBUG DEBUG DEBUG.<BR><BR>Print out the entire QueryString, before you start.<BR><BR>Print out each "el" as you come to it.<BR><BR>Print out each value of "keys" as you come to it.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t see how anybody could figure out a bug like this with as little information as you are showing.<BR><BR><BR>

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