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    &nbsp;<BR>Hi there --<BR><BR>I get this message every time I try to use Internet Explorer to go ANYWHERE (rendering me unable to use the web at all!):<BR><BR>Internet Service Manager<BR>for IIS Server 4.0<BR><BR>Your password has expired. You can change it now.<BR>Account:________________<BR>Old Password:___________<BR>New Password:___________ (These underscores are all text boxes)<BR><BR>OK CANCEL RESET (These are buttons)<BR><BR>This only stated happening today, so I guess my password expired just today. Anyway, there is no HELP button or anything (typical Microsoft), and I don&#039;t know what to do? IIS was installed where I work -- I had nothing to do with it. I don&#039;t know what the answers to any of these questions are, and I bet the guys that installed it don&#039;t know either (I use a laptop, and I was the only person that requested IIS, so I could learn ASP).<BR><BR>What should I do?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Max<BR>

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    I&#039;m not 100% sure, but since you haven&#039;t had any answer for a while so here are some pointers:<BR>In NT&#039;s user manager you have two accounts called:<BR> IUSR_ComputerName <BR> IWAM_ComputerName<BR>User must change password is unticked, password never expires ticked.<BR><BR>In services, the World wide web publishing service properties has a section. Log on As, on my server System Account is ticked. If you had this account ticked the passwords here would have to be the same as in User manager.<BR>This all assumes you are a standalone NT 4 server.<BR><BR>It doesn&#039;t make sense that you get this when you anywhere, i.e. microsoft.com? Are you sure this is IIS related not network permissions?<BR>I hope this at least points you in the right direction.

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