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    Is there any source code out here that will allow my to query some data source for the value of a particular stock symbol. I basically want to be able to have an automatically updated stock ticker symbol on my intranet site that shows the current value of our company stock that automatically refreshes on page reload.

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    you could screen-scrape another source, such as Yahoo! quotes, by using an http component. - www.4guysfromrolla.com may have a tutorial on it, and if not, www.aspin.com will.<BR><BR>j

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    Default Stealing stock quotes, et al.

    As Atrax noted, you *could* use something like ASPTear to grab the info from some other site.<BR><BR>You should be aware, though, that you are almost surely violating--at a MINIMUM--copyright laws unless you obtain permission to do this.<BR><BR>Is it really worth taking a chance on getting fined and/or your site shut down, just to put the info directly on your site instead of providing a convenient link? Heck, you could even invoke the other site inside a FRAME on your site and stay legal. But stealing the info? Well...that&#039;s just it: It *is* stealing. Period.<BR><BR>

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