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Thread: Problem with CDO Attachfile

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    The send works without Attachfile, but as soon as I put it in, it fails. I have tried it loads of different ways. Any Ideas!<BR><BR>objCDOMail.From = "MetaCheck &#060;;"<BR>objCDOMail. To = strTo<BR>objCDOMail.Subject = strSubject<BR>objCDOMail.Body = strBody<BR>objCDOMail.AttachFile "", "metacheck.pdf"<BR>objCDOMail.Send

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    According to the ASPFAQ for this, you must specify the file name using a physical path. If this is local use the .MapPath method to convert a virtual path to physical.<BR><BR>CDONTS_Object.AttachFile(Physical _Path_to_File, English_Name_For_File)

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