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    How do you change the value of a Yes/No field using ASP. When I try using a update like this...<BR><BR> objUpdt("Stu_Active").value = False<BR> objUpdt.Update<BR><BR>I get the error...<BR><BR>Item cannot be found in the collection corresponding to the requested name or ordinal.<BR><BR>I changed the format of the Yes/No field to True/False. I have also tried using...<BR><BR> objUpdt("Stu_Active").value = No<BR> and<BR> objUpdt("Stu_Active").value = "No"<BR><BR>without success also. Any comments would be great. Thanks.

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    Try with 0.<BR>objUpdt("Stu_Active").value = 0

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    Access will accept TRUE and FALSE no problem, it doesn&#039;t look like a type mismatch, it looks more like "Stu_Active" doesn&#039;t exist in the recordset......worth double checking the field names...

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