I am starting a cd-rom archive catalog and would like to give the guys a way to have the files and directories on the CD they&#039ve just created read for them by an ASP page. Looking at the documentation, it looks like the FileSystemObject is only usable against the server drives and files.<BR><BR>I could have sworn I have seen code snippets etc. that allow you to read files and directories from the local files system, but they are eluding me now. Is this possible? I&#039d like to ready the directory structure of the CD and pipe it to a text file, where I could then parse it and push the data into a database for retrieval and searching by other parts of the application.<BR><BR>It would be pointless to do this in ASP if the guys have to enter the files and directories by hand.<BR><BR>Any help or URLs to examples appreciated.<BR><BR>MChance