Is there a way to ensure scheduled tasks are run when the server (hosting company) does not have a scheduler? (For security reasons the Host does not allow 3rd party apps COM etc., only generic ASP pages).<BR><BR>I have temporarily solved this for someone using a page that meta-refreshes. This is hosted on the server, lauched from the client-side (online 24/7). It refreshes regularly and initiates tasks if due. It uses application varibles to store task schedules, and to flag that it is active.<BR><BR>There is supportive code in the housekeeping of all other on-site scripts/asp pages that check and advise (email) the client if the scheduler has stopped. These simply check one application variable (a time, updated each time the scheduler runs) and if it is null or over 30 minutes old, launch an email.<BR><BR>So far, so good, it works, but not very elegantly and with heaps of potential &#039;failure-situations&#039;. I am sure there is a better (real) solution somewhere using simple ASP scripting.<BR><BR>Gurus? Anyone? Any clues or suggestions?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR>