Like many developers I need to add a spell checking option to my forms. I&#039;d like to do it with ASP (since ASP rocks), but I don&#039;t know how.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve read from the 4guys that you can do it with Word (and that that slows the computer down) and that you can do it by implementing some beta version of some weak java, but I, indeed, we all need a better (read: FREE) ASP option.<BR><BR>Is there anyone out there who knows how to tap into the spell checking dll(?) of Word or how one might go about creating a spell checker SQL database to share with all the good people here? It would be even better--for those of us on shared hosting servers--if you could do it without having to install this option on the server.<BR><BR>What a wonderful contribution that would be....<BR><BR>Chris