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    I&#039;ve been searching on the Web for quite some time in attempts to come to some sort of resolution about how to develop a Document Management System for my corporate intranet. So far I&#039;ve been unsuccessful in finding any sort of documentation about how to spawn a Windows application using ASP... I&#039;ve been searching the Web for a while now, so I really don&#039;t think to question my ability to successfully yield a result using a boolean search, but please excuse my ineptitude if I have passed over a definitive article which covers this topic. All I have been able to find is how to create an Excel (or Word) document and very little about how to handle existing documents... The articles I have found here and other similar forums seem ambiguous at best or provide inadequate or inappropriate answers, and I&#039;m hoping that one of the gurus around here can clear things up for me once and for all...<BR><BR>I have a database which has path information derived using the SAFileUp component, something like "e:inetpubwwwrootdocsdocument.xls" and I want to spawn the appropriate application when the user clicks on a link to the document. I&#039;ve tried every sort of reference (cononical, URL, full path) that I can think of and the best I can come up with is a browser window that displays and allows for editing. Great start, but I need to be able to save any changes to the document without having the user browse for the existing file (by default both Word and Excel force the SaveAs feature rather than just Save when exiting the embedded document). I can&#039;t afford to allow the possibility for user error here, the directory system I am using to store the files is based on the unique database identifiers (by department and document type) and are by number only...<BR><BR>Instantiating the host application seems the only way to achieve the results I am looking for, but I have no luck implementing the results of any of my internet searches...<BR><BR>In addition, the few brave souls who have cared to answer similar questions seem to rely on some form of scripting object to access the properties and methods of the host application, but what if one of our designers wanted to launch an Adobe Illustrator document for editing? Does ASP offer any sort of access to the command line where one could issue a command and include a switch to the user selected file?<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have all but this feature of our intranet completed and we&#039;re quickly approaching deadline... I&#039;ve been researching this for almost 3 months now and either I&#039;m going to have to find some sort of acceptable alternative or concede that I&#039;m just a moron...<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Brian

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    I dont know how to do what you want to do, but there is a temporary alternative. Just create a simple Activex Control that you can put onto your Intranet. This will obviously only work in Internet Exploere, and is not as nice as using ASP, but it would save you ***!<BR><BR>Good luck.

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