I hope this is the right forum for this, and my apologies if it&#039;s not - it seemed to be the best one for this question.<BR><BR>Last night, I encountered an odd situation when using the ODBC Data Source Administrator in Win98. When adding a Data Source, my available options are Access, Oracle, and SQL Server. When I attempted to add an Access data source, the configuration dialog was in GERMAN! I can get around in it, because I generally know where everything is in the dialog, but it&#039;s weird, and a little annoying. This does not happen for either of the other available drivers.<BR><BR>My computer is set up for English US, and everything else on the computer reflects this, but adding an Access data source results in a German configuration dialog. A properties check of the listed DLL (odbcjt32.dll) reveals an Internal Language of English US, so I am a little stymied. Of course, I am assuming that the dialog info comes from the associated DLL - I could be wrong. Has anyone ever seen something like this, and know of a fix? Thanks in advance for any insight you can offer.