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    I&#039;m still having the problem with the data type(datetime) for date. You asked me to make sure if it is a nullable column and pass NULL to the backend. <BR>IF trim(request(frm_Campdate)) = "" then<BR> frm_Campdate = Null<BR>End If <BR>Anything wrong with these codes? Thanks for your help in advance.

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    IF trim(request(frm_Campdate)) = "" then<BR>frm_Campdate = "Null"<BR>End If <BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Rob<BR>

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    Try this<BR><BR>if request.form("frm_Campdate") = "" then<BR>VariableName = "Null"<BR>else<BR>VariableName = request.form("frm_Campdate") <BR>end if<BR><BR><BR>save that VariableName to your Db....<BR><BR><BR>Notice i use request.form rathe that request?? this will be faster than going through the eintre request collection<BR><BR>

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