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    I am using a modal dialog box to prompt a user to make a decision, as I am returning a value to the page that is calling the modal dialog box. Here is the problem. When a user clicks on the X in the upper right hand corner of the modal dialog box (next to the minimize and maximize buttons) I get a retval error. I have tried to use a window.onclose sub to hard code the value if the "x" is pushed. No dice. How can I get to the event that is firing when that "X" is clicked so I can handle the value to be sent back to the page that is calling the modal? Right now, it seems that when a user clicks on the "X" nothing is being sent back to the main page. I have tried to handle this from the main page by writing a sub that says if the return value = "" then...but I get a type mismatch error on the return value. Please help...

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    Default Pls show relevant code

    Please will you show us some of the code - it may help us to help you - thanks

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    Default per your request

    I think the main question I have is how do I get to the event that fires when a user clicks the "X" icon in the upper right hand corner of a modal dialog box? The modal dialog box looks like a regular window in that it has a minimize, maximize, and close icon. If the user clicks on that "close" icon, I would like to return a value to the page that called the modal. Since I would like to send the same values to the main page when the user clicks the icon as I do when the user clicks the close button I have created, I am enclosing the code I am using (successfully) for the close button. I hope this helps you help me as I cannot find the answer! Thank you for your response.<BR><BR>sub doCancel()<BR> dim retval<BR> retval=Array("4","4")<BR> window.returnvalue = retval<BR> window.close()<BR>end sub

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