My Access 97 table has only 10 fields on it but two of those fields are memo fields. I have a normal HTML form with an associated ASP posting page that creates the recs. The problem is that I am unable to consistently create more than three records if the memo fields are not commented out. All the other non-memo fields get created fine, it&#039;s just the memo fields that fail the 4th add with error message "Provider error 80040e21 errors occurred" pointing to the line where a memo field is moved to the rs field (see below).<BR><BR>The form page ("previous jobs held") has 5 sets of entries with various identical textboxes (all named differently of course) that will populate the up to 5 table records to be created. Each set of "jobs held" creates a separate record. All fields on the table are non-mandatory and allow zero length IP and this has been verified. <BR><BR>If I enter data in the first 3 sets of jobs held info, including the memo fields, it works fine. If I enter data in the first 4 or 5 sets of job info instead, it consistently fails on the move of the memo field on the 4th set. If I comment out all the memo field moves, it works perfectly and creates all 4 or 5 records. The amount of data in the memo fields is tiny for this test, btw, just a single word in each. The relevant code for the 4th set was cloned from the 1st set and all references in the cloned code have been verified. I&#039;ve also tried "SELECT fld1, fld2..." instead of "SELECT *" but that didn&#039;t help.<BR><BR>The ASP code looks like this:<BR><BR>set cnSubTab=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<B R>cnSubTab.Open "DSN=Appl"<BR>mySQL="SELECT * FROM PrevEmploy where ID = " &PassedInValue<BR>set rsPE=server.createobject ("ADODB.recordset")<BR>rsPE.cursorlocation=3<BR>rs mySQL,cnSubTab,2,3,1<BR>&#039;delete all old recs first to allow for "erasures" if not first time in pgm<BR>&#039;(the job application may be retrieved and corrected by the user but it fails on the first time thru too)<BR>do until rsPE.eof<BR> cnSubTab.begintrans<BR> rsPE.delete<BR> cnSubTab.committrans<BR>rsPE.movenext<BR>loop<BR>i f PrevEmpl1FromForm &#062; " " then<BR> cnSubTab.begintrans<BR> rsPE.addnew<BR>&#039;[other non-memo fields here]<BR> rsPE.fields("peMemoField") = MemoField1FromForm --&#062; fails here but on 4th set<BR> rsPE.update<BR> cnSubTab.committrans<BR>end if<BR><BR>if PrevEmpl2FromForm &#062; " " then<BR> cnSubPE.begintrans<BR> rsPE.addnew<BR>repeated for sets 2-5 with different numbers of course (verified)<BR><BR>I know memo fields have their little idiosyncrasies that you have to work around, but this one has me buffaloed. I have another (single) memo field on another table in this db but it works fine. I see absolutely nothing different about this table other than it has 2 memo fields. It has been suggested that maybe I&#039;m having some kind of session timeout problem because of the two memo fields? Does this sound possible? Any other suggestions?<BR><BR>Any help GREATLY appreciated!<BR><BR>elaine<BR>epack@blue.unix.virg<BR>