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    Isaac Guest

    Default Stepping through passed variables

    How do I step through variables that are passed by GET or POST? I don't want to hard-code any values because they might change at any time.

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    What do you mean step through<BR><BR>do you mean step through each item in the reqest.form??

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    Isaac Guest

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    Say I have something like this:<BR><BR>dim myvar<BR>myvar = Request.Querystring("myvar")<BR>Response.Write(myv ar) <BR><BR>What if I didn&#039;t know what myvar was called? What I want to do is loop through Request.Querystring or Request.Form and get all the variable names and values that have been passed to the script. (Otherwise known as key/value pairs) The variable names that will be passed could change at any time, and I don&#039;t want to have to go in to the script and hard-code new variables each time that happens.

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