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    Default IP QUESTION FOR IIS5.0

    I have several intranet applications on one server, but we are expanding our intranet, and several of these applications might be moved to other servers later. I want to assign an IP address to each application so if I have to move an application to another server on the intranet then I can just move the IP to reference that application on the new server so I do not have to update all the links on the intranet ponting to that application<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>SKOOTER

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    Default RE: IP QUESTION FOR IIS5.0

    well, don&#039;t know how useful this will be in your situation but:<BR>If you set up a different site (virtual server) for each application, and set the ip address in the properties for that virtual server, then when you move it over to a different server set up a new virtual server on the new machine with the same ip address set, then I *think* your links should still be valid.<BR>not 100% sure about this tho.....hope I&#039;m not telling you something you already know : )

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