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    I have been asked to find out what is involved in switching from an access db to SQL db. This seemed like a great place to do that. I know that we will need to purchase the SQL software at around $500 but what else is involved? Will we need to upgrade the server that we lease, rebuild a new db? Anyone that has done this I would appreciate your input. Thanks

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    I belvie that Access has an Export feature for , as well as I belive that SQL has an Import feature. I have found in my own personal experience that it is best to re create the tables in your SQL DB and do an export of Access to Comma delimited file and then import that comma delimited file into SQL. When ever I have done a complete DB dump from Access to SQL, I have lost information in the dump<BR><BR>CG

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    it is very simple. once you have the sql server installed on the server (it depends on the size of the database and traffice whether u need a new server) it is easy to migrate. use "upsize to sql server" option from access.<BR>you may have to change your connection strings in ur apps. if u are using a dsn, then recreate the dsn with sql server as driver.

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