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    Kevin Brandenburg Guest

    Default Need a Web Developer?

    On-Track Software Services, Inc. (located in Fort Smith, Arkansas) has over 20+ years in the IT industry. Our evolution envolved migrating from legacy application development to intranet/internet development. We focus on functionality, maintainability, scaleability, and performance. We develop web based applications using ASP/DHTML/COM+/MTS running against robust databases such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.<BR><BR>See our website at for more information. We prefer off-site work for distant clients.

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    Prakash Guest

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    I have three years experience in Web technologies. You can find me at thanks. Amit.

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    Piyush Pandey Guest

    Default Around Five years of Demonstrated experience (Two

    Around Five years of Demonstrated experience (Two Yrs. in US) in the analysis, design, deployment, implementation, maintenance of Systems using Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, ASP, Active X, COM+, COM/DCOM, ADO/RDO, MTS, XML, C, C++, MSACCESS, MS-SQL Server 7.0, IIS 4.0/5.0, Microsoft Site Server3.0, Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition 3.0, Microsoft Message Queue, JavaScript, VBScript, Windows2000, Windows NT & Novell NetWare (NDS). Created & Used Functions and Procedures, Classes and their objects MDI (Multiple Document Interface) Forms. Used the API (Application Programming Interface) functions, OLE Automation, Crystal reports to generate Reports. Created Stored Procedures, Views, tables, ActiveX DLLs for frequently used functions and procedures. Creating ActiveX Controls, Writing Stored Procedures and Triggers in Transact_ SQL of SQL Server Developing Internet enabled applications using Active Server Pages (VB Script & HTML), ActiveX DLLs.<BR><BR>You can reach me at

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