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Thread: GIMPS!!!!

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    Brave Guest

    Default GIMPS!!!!

    The lot of you are gimps, whinge whinge whinge - do some work and be productive.British is best

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    . Guest

    Default And look who is posting that... hhhmmmm??


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    Al Bear Guest

    Default Look Who's Talking

    You need to get your head out of your ***. When was the last time British was best.. <BR><BR>Yea at the moment were the best at trying to kill off all the cattle in Europe... Oooooo what an achievement.. if you want to get anywhere team work not xenophobia.. <BR><BR>Now F**K OFF!<BR>

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    Default RE: GIMPS!!!! some work and be productive.<BR><BR>I suppose we should follow your example, eh?<BR><BR>Twit.

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    Brave Guest

    Default Sorry

    Sorry everyone

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    Ann Robinson.. Guest

    Default You are the weakest link good by!!!

    GIMP!!!!!!!!!! Go back to your box...

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