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    Hola People<BR>As you can tell I am new to all of this. You can tell by my recent postings.<BR>But I&#039;m glad of the support from this forum.<BR>OK. Here is my problem.<BR><BR>I want to construct a loop program - IN PL/SQL. In this program I want to specify a range of<BR>values. <BR>1) Range of values - 0 to 10,000<BR>2) I want each range to input to a database table a corresponding value in the form of:<BR><BR> 0 = AAAA<BR> 1 = AAAB<BR> 2 = AAAC<BR> ....<BR> 25 = AAAZ<BR> ....<BR> 26 = AABA<BR> 27 = AABB<BR> 28 = AABC<BR><BR>and so on...<BR><BR>So I want each letter to increase through the alphabet and when it comes to Z to increase<BR>the proceeding letter to the next letter -- and so on.<BR><BR>Please HELP !! <BR><BR>The ASP / SQL Rookie<BR><BR>* Linda ;) *

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