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    SteveW Guest

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    I want to put a navigation bar in an include file. Problem is, I open my HTML, header and body tags in the include file and then close them in my content page (after the content).<BR><BR>Pproblem is, with that arrangement I would be stuck with the same header file for all my pages....<BR><BR>I have a feeling I&#039;m missing something very simple...

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    Robbe Guest

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    Everybody&#039;s brain gets stuck in neutral on occasion.<BR><BR>Don&#039;t put the standard HTML opening tags (HTML,BODY,etc...) in the code that creates the navigation bar. Then, put the code that creates the nav bar in a function/sub inside the include.<BR>Of course, then call the function/sub wherever you need the nav bar output in your primary page. Leaving ASP functionality outside of functions/subs always creates the type of hassle you referrenced. The more you modulize your ASP functions/subs the better off you&#039;ll be...<BR>Hope this helps.

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