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    Hi,<BR><BR>I was wondering if you could help me? I am creating a web=based application and part of this app is to send an e-mail that will be automatically generated by data from a back-end database. I am currently displaying the body of the e-mail generated to the user in a &#060;textarea&#062; tag, however when the form is posted the formatted text in the &#060;textarea&#062; tag is received as 1 long sentence and there are no line breaks etc, is there a way I can overcome this problem??<BR><BR>I need the body to be nicely formatted so that it can then be sent using JMail!?!?<BR><BR>many thanks<BR><BR>Wends

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    use this :<BR>&#060;textarea name="blahblah" rows="6" cols="40" wrap="virtual"&#062; guess this should solve ur problem<BR>

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    Try experimenting with the &#039;wrap&#039; - property of the textarea...<BR><BR>Bart

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