Not able to do a ‘Server.CreateObject(...)’ on custom VB dlls/exes, in any new ASP Interdev projects.<BR><BR>I get the following error when doing a CreateObject: ‘006~ASP 0177~Server.CreateObject Failed~Server execution failed: error number -2146959355’<BR><BR>My pc name was recently changed from ‘PC1’ to ‘PC2’. Only if I use older Interdev projects referring to the older computer name of ‘PC1’ will ‘Server.CreateObject(...)’ work on VB ActiveX dll that I create. I tried all the security settings, dcomcnfg, but nothing seems to work – any suggestions? (for now, I’m simply sticking to the older web projects when using custom ActiveX dlls).<BR><BR>Note: I am still able to do a &#039;Server.CreateObject( ...) on instrinsic objects, like &#039;ADODB.Connection&#039;, &#039;Dictionary&#039;, etc., using either PC1 or PC2 projects.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help.<BR><BR>