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    I want to create an administration page where the admin can create a new table in a SQL Server db. He should be able to give it three parameters: the table name, and the administrator's name and password for that table. Actually behind the scenes, I want to just insert the administrator portion into a central login table and input the name of the table that this person has control over. I'm thinking though that in the end, I want to build a component based system to do this instead of relying on ASP. Can anyone suggest the best way to do this? COM, ASP or stored procedures? And what kind of code do I need to use to create a table using said method? Thanks.

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    Check out the COM object "Microsoft SQLDMO". There is a considerable amount of functionality for performing the tasks you mentioned and much more in the SQL Server Online help.<BR>I think you&#039;ll find this object used in ASP will enable you to create just about any type of admin app you need.<BR>Hope this helps.

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