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    Hi,<BR><BR>I need to create a web site using ASP which will do a body text search on all items posted to a public folder residing on an MS Exchange server.<BR><BR>The only solution I can find is using Site Server which will interrogate all items on an Exchange public folder. But it is costly and there are restrictions on installing new s/w where I work.<BR><BR>I do have access to Index Server but from what I have researched it does not interrogate Exchnage public folders !<BR><BR>Ideally I&#039;d like to do the whole thing in ASP.<BR><BR>Example :<BR>In my public folder, I have a number of conversations and threads as well as standalone MS documnts. I now do a search on the keyword "crude oil" at the top level of the public folder. <BR><BR>The results should display all conversation threads and documents which contain "crude oil" anywhere in the BODY OF THE TEXT not just the keyword or subject title.<BR><BR>I urgently need help. Can anyone assist ?

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