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    Tex Guest

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    I have written a search engine in ASP that queries a database and returns results. The problem is that if it returns 400 results on one page the page will obviously timeout. <BR><BR>I want the search enging functionality of displaying 20 results at a time. I have come up with some ideas but I was wondering if there is "correct" way to do this or possibly a better way than what I am thinking about (my ways seems a bit demented... like getting the entire recordset and then passing it from page to page and displaying different sections of it... I hope that makes sense.. ). Any help would be much appreciated.<BR>

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    kriek Guest

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    There&#039;s two great articles at 4guysfromrolla on how to do this.<BR>I&#039;m not sure what they are called, but you will find the one by searching for getrows and taht one contains a link to the other.<BR>The one does it with asp and the other with a stored procedure.<BR>

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