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    Hi,<BR><BR>I am a newbie webmaster, and I have been trying to narrow down my options for making a database driven website.<BR><BR>I know that I want to use ASP.<BR><BR>But this is what I want to do.<BR><BR>able to have password protected sections of the website<BR>"members only"<BR><BR>people to be able to register and update their information<BR><BR>people to be able to log in,<BR><BR>Is there software that I can purchase that does this<BR><BR>one more thing, over 500 members will be logging into this site, how much <BR>space would I need, I wouldn&#039;t want my site to crash.<BR><BR>

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    see and for info on password protection and user logins.<BR><BR>server load is not a matter of how much space you have, but more down to factors like server software, server hardware and network connection speed at the server. all 500 members wouldn&#039;t be logging in simultaneously, would they? most IIS hosts can cope with a 500 user base without a twitch.<BR><BR>j

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    unless it was i doubt it...

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