I currently have my home page set up so it is in three parts via the use of a table. <BR><BR>The top is simply a heading; the left is a navigation bar that is basically just a set of hotlinks; and the right hand side of the screen is the body with any current relevant information (this is the part I am having trouble with). <BR><BR>I have it set up so that there is a file on the server that is restricted to only certain people, this file being the one for the home page. This allows people to update it whenever they have something to add to the body of the home page (meaning there is really no maintenance required). <BR><BR>Now currently the scripting I have can determine if it has been modified in the last week (using the FileSystemObjects DateLastModified attribute) and if it hasn&#039;t it defaults to a standard about information page. This part is fine, where I am having trouble is actually including the page from the fileserver if it has indeed been changed. <BR><BR>I am trying to use the Frontpage webbot include statement:<BR><BR>&#060;!--webbot bot="Include" U-Include="FPNews.htm" TAG="BODY" --&#062; <BR><BR>for including a page, but I can only use it to include pages that are actually contained in the webserver.<BR><BR>So what I actually want to do is have the page from the server that has been edited be wholly displayed in the relevant frame in html format. Does anyone know how to do this? I am thinking that it will have to be server side scripting but I am stumped.<BR><BR>Thanks. <BR>Nathan