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    I have a search engine in asp, but the result is maybe very big, so I want to divide the result into pages, how to do that? I am not using database.<BR>Thanks for any help!

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    And there are *TONS* of articles on the various ASP "help" pages that discuss various ways to do it.<BR><BR>You can start by searching the 4Guys site (the parent site to this messageboard, and a link to the Search for it is in the left hand panel of this page). But look at many of the other ASP sites, as well (e.g.,,, etc.). There are many, many variations on a single basic theme, so you&#039;ll have to choose the one whose appearance you like. <BR><BR>Heck, even I wrote one and put it up at I think it&#039;s the last demo on that page.<BR><BR>

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