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    Shawn Kubik Guest

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    I&#039;m writing a small search engine, but I can&#039;t figure out how I would calculate the accuracy of a search. For example, on some sites, you enter your keywords and whatever it may ask, then it comes back with the results, but they display a percentage or how accurate each result may be to what you&#039;re looking for.<BR><BR>How could this be implemented in ASP? I assume it has something to do with counting the number of keywords that are present in each record, but how do I do that? I assume it&#039;s in the SQL code.<BR>My SQL code is using a "WHERE &#060;Column&#062; LIKE &#039;%%&#060;keyword&#062;%%&#039; OR <BR>&#039;%%&#060;keyword2&#062;%%&#039;, etc." for three different columns.<BR><BR>Any ideas? Thanks,<BR><BR>- Shawn Kubik.

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    Default Virtually impossible with relational DB...

    Those sites are using a "text processing database engine", almost surely *not* a relational database.<BR><BR>They do it by finding the number of times the keywords appear in the text, as well as how near the keywords are to each other (that is, how many words apart they are, so that "word1 blah word2" gets a better score than "word1 blah blah blah word2").<BR><BR>MS&#039;s index server has *some* of these capabilities, but I&#039;ve never used it so I dunno if it has all of them.<BR><BR>I used to work (1990) for a company that had a text processing engine so good that it didn&#039;t even need to actually search the text to give such rankings! The database indexes contained enough of the info.<BR><BR>

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    Ramakrishna Guest

    Default Use Index Server

    Hi<BR><BR>Try using Index server 2.0 or higher, or theres a feature in SQL server integrated with index server known as "Full Text Search".<BR><BR>these code snippets are available at 4guysfromrolla.com or aspwire.com

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