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    Can search engines be created through ASP or is it strictly in Javascript. And if so how would you go about creating a search engine. Thanks much!

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    Shawn Kubik Guest

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    I&#039;m currently working on a search engine-like project, and we&#039;re doing it primarily in ASP. There is SOME Javascript, but it&#039;s all client-side, and used for things like verifying form entries and such.<BR><BR>What we&#039;ve done, is developed our prototype database in Access 2000, then setup ODBC to reference it. From there, we write our initial search page which includes a form that takes in the data that we need to search by, then it sends that information to another ASP page that parses the keywords, constructs an SQL query based on that information, opens the ODBC DSN, performs the search, and returns the results.<BR><BR>Right now I&#039;m working on things like determining the accuracy percentage of each record the query returns, and how to display several results on multiple pages.<BR><BR>Once you get into it, it&#039;s not that hard. If you don&#039;t know ASP, I highly recommend the book "Active Server Pages 3.0", published by IDG Books.<BR><BR>

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    mcrad Guest

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    Me too. I don&#039;t know how search engines work for like searching the whole internet, but all the content on my site can be found in a database, so an asp form and a little sql is perfect.<BR><BR>I asked this yesterday but no response: When you hit the back button, how do you keep the focus on the last link instead of at the top of the page?????? You know, so you can "tab" once to get to the next link in the search results.<BR>Should I R&D?

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