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    anyone know why I get an error when i try close the recordset here??<BR>I have tried just setting the recordset to nothing but that also give me an error??<BR>Using sql server 7<BR><BR>SQl = "UPDATE Venue SET Venue.Name =&#039;" & Request.Form("Name") & "&#039;, Venue.Phone =&#039;" & Request.Form("Phone") & "&#039;"<BR><BR>rsSave.Open SQL, objConnection, ,adLockOptimistic<BR>rsSave.Close<BR>Set rsSave = Nothing

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    Ed Guest

    Default Already closed...

    You can&#039;t set it to Nothing if it&#039;s closed... Are you getting the error on the SET = Nothing line?

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    Default Post the error message <eop>


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    I think on an update the recordset only executes. I don&#039;t believe it stays open, just remove that close line and nothing line.

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    Default Yeah..

    when u execute action queries (insert and update/delete)with recordeset object, u don&#039;t have anything in recordset once it is executed.Though not dealt with earlier, i too think this is the reason.<BR><BR>

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    Medieval Dude Guest

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    Yes you can. There&#039;s nothing wrong with setting something to nothing after closing it. I do it all the time.

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