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    Default Need help with PWS

    I can view ASP pages fine when they come from remote sites, but when I try to view a local ASP page served out by the Personal Web Server I have problems with Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer. After typing the "http://localpcname/file.asp" into the browser and hitting enter, they both initiate "save" windows to save the .asp file. But both work fine when the .asp URL is from anyplace on the internet. The PWS is serving out all html-only files just fine. I'm just getting started with ASP... Please help!! Thank you in advance!!

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    this would be better in the IIS/PWS forum<BR><BR><BR>ensure that script permissions are switched on in PWS.

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    Default Thanks. Sorry for wrong post location.

    I&#039;m not sure where to set up script permissions... I have looked. I&#039;ll go write this up in the other Forum.

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