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Thread: Timeout Expired... check this parameter in SQL Ser

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    Steve Bishop Guest

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    We had been running into the Timeout Expired error for about 3 weeks (ever since a system maintenance shutdown). We went back through all of our ASP code to make sure we had closed all of our connections. And still, the connections on the SQL server (one license per connection) were being tied up and held open for hours on end. This was causing our ASP applications to run slowly and usually timeout. Once you would refresh (or reload depending upon browser) the page would come up. Our SQL DBA came across a parameter that he thought didn&#039t look right to him. Once he changed it and restarted SQL server, the timeout problem went away. Here&#039s the parameter and unfortunately, not being a SQL DBA, not sure how he edited it (registry? management console?)<BR><BR>The parameter is "Priority Boost" and we set it to 0 instead of 1.<BR><BR>This KB article explains more.<BR><BR>http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/Q165/1/58.ASP<BR><BR>We are using Named Pipes to connect to SQL server (not my choice but seems reliable)

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    Care to write up an article on this for 4Guys?

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    Vikram Koneri Guest

    Default RE: Could you email the article once u get it ?

    Could I get a copy emailed at vikramkoneri@hotmail.com of the WriteUp whenever 4Guys gets it. Thanks in advance.<BR>

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