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    Hi :)<BR><BR>I have a web application where the visitors will be playing cards. Each player will log in and then use forms to "play" a card. There may be from two to an unlimited number of players, and each player needs to be able to see what the other players have played. Also, there may be any number of games being played at one time. I thought the easiest method to do this was with a shopping cart type session variable, but I can&#039;t figure out a way that players could "join" someone else&#039;s session. Is there a way? or ... is there a better way to do this?

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    Default Use Application Vars <eop>


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    No, unless you want to pass variables back to all players, but you can&#039;t "share" a session.<BR><BR>Why not jam things into a db, and then use the primary key number to pass to all players? That way, all people playing will be using the same deck of cards. That setup is pretty easy.

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