Arrays VS. Databases, which is more scalable for<BR>dynamic content?<BR><BR>Application scoped Arrays - If I use arrays, I<BR>must 1) use application.lock and unlock, <BR>2) housekeep and copy users around when I <BR>delete a user (to prevent holes in the array)<BR><BR>SQL Server 7.0 Database - Here I have to Open<BR>and close the database connection, create a<BR>connection object, querying, creating a recordset,<BR>and stepping through the recordset.<BR><BR>I&#039ll have to store basic information about online<BR>users: 1) userID & 2) timestamp.<BR><BR>Information will change when: 1) User is entered,<BR>2) user is deleted, 3) timestamp change occurs<BR>every 2 minutes.<BR><BR>Information will be accessed when: a user requests<BR>to see any online users.<BR><BR>Questions: I&#039m *guessing* that if I have a small<BR>number of online users, using arrays will be faster.<BR>Question #1 Am I right in this assumption?<BR><BR>At some point, will using a SQL server database<BR>be faster? Why? Is this because of the pooling<BR>of database connections? Because a database is<BR>more efficient at handling the housekeeping?<BR><BR>When do you think the tradeoff will occur? After<BR>50 users? 100 users? 1000 users?<BR><BR>Are there any other important issues that <BR>I&#039m missing?<BR><BR>