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    Kolja Guest

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    I want to remote an access-database which is on our hosted server. I know that I can remote this db from other computers via Access 2000, but I want to do so just with ASP-code. Does anyone know how to build a connection-string to a database placed on a other computer, which is NOT accessible over LAN?<BR><BR>Thank you for your help!<BR>Kolja

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    Robbe Guest

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    I don&#039;t believe MS Access has a "listener" of sorts for remote connections to DB&#039;s "not" accessible through shared drives. <BR>The connection string really isn&#039;t the problem.<BR>You&#039;ll probably need to step up to a SQL Server or other enterprise RDBMS.<BR>An alternative solution is to write a small scale web service and return the results to your desktop app via XML. This would enable desktop access to the data without actually having physical access to the Access database file remotely. An example of a simple web service (client side and server side) without using SOAP can be<BR>found at<BR>It&#039;s really not as hard as it sounds...<BR><BR>While the example using ASP for the both the client side and server side, the client side could easily but put into VB instead and work the exact same way.<BR><BR>Hope this helps...

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