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    Default Timeout problem

    Hi I am getting a time out problem when using this codeWhen it reaches the update command??I cant figure out why, any ideas?rsSave("Name") = Request.Form("Name")rsSave("Address1") = Request.Form("Address1")rsSave("Address2") = Request.Form("Address2")rsSave("Address3") = Request.Form("Address3")rsSave("Address4") = Request.Form("Address4")rsSave("AreaID") = Request.Form("AreaID")rsSave("Phone") = Request.Form("Phone")rsSave("ContactName") = Request.Form("Contact")rsSave("ContactPhone") = Request.Form("ContactPhone")rsSave("ContactEmail") = Request.Form("ContactEmail")rsSave("WebSite") = Request.Form("WebSite")rsSave("ReviewHeader") = Request.Form("ReviewHDR")rsSave("Review") = Request.Form("Review")rsSave("MON") = Request.Form("MON")rsSave("TUE") = Request.Form("TUE")rsSave("WENS") = Request.Form("WENS")rsSave("THURS") = Request.Form("THURS")rsSave("FRI") = Request.Form("FRI")rsSave("SAT") = Request.Form("SAT")rsSave("SUN") = Request.Form("SUN")If IsDate(Request.Form("DATEFROM")) Then rsSave("DATE_FROM") = Request.Form("DATEFROM")End Ifif IsDate(Request.Form("DATETO")) Then rsSave("DATE_TO") = Request.Form("DATETO") End IfrsSave.Update
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    Default Though

    Script.Timeout=someinterval will be the obvious answer if i go by ur query, still i don&#039;t suggest that, since ur problem is too<BR>small in terms of memory usage by the server to complete the task.i believe somewhere in other part of ur code ur screwing up the server resources.<BR><BR>i would rather suggest u trying an insert statement.If not lengthy print the other relevant code.

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