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    My development group is having difficulty with ASPs loading in Frames. We <BR>are running IIS4 over a LAN/Intranet for development purposes. We are able to <BR>get one of the ASPs to load, but then the rest of the asp pages are in the que.<BR>For example, we have a frameset with 2 frames, first frame call page_a.asp file<BR>and the second frame calls page_b.asp file. When we call the <BR>frameset, the first ASP will load, but the other ASP wait for the first one to complete.<BR>This, occurs all throughout the site we are developing. When I shifted the page order nothing much happened..still the same effect. What we want to know is is it possible to run multiple asp pages simultaneously using the frameset or not. We believe it may be an IIS <BR>problem but not sure. If anybody has any thoughts or solutions we would be <BR>very grateful to hear them.

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    IIS can cope with as many page requests as the server can handle (that is the whole point of web pages?).<BR>There may be other issues confusing the problem, for example the pages may have style sheets or other included files (even image links with netscape ) that are not correctly linked causing the pages to delay loading or not render the page. It&#039;s more likely the client PC which is not loading the second page until the other has finished.<BR><BR>Simply things by creating a frameset which points to test1.asp and test2.asp.<BR><BR>Inside these files should literarily be only:<BR>&#060;%<BR>Response.write "test"<BR>%&#062;<BR>How quickly did this load?<BR><BR>

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