HA&G Media is in need of an ASP Developer that can work professionally off-site, but would prefer you were relatively close (Few hours drive) to the Washington DC area. We would require you to sign a non-compete/non-disclosure agreement. This job would pay $45 per hour and we have budgeted only a certain amount of time into this project - working well with a deadline<BR>is extremely important! Also, I would need to meet with you and possibly ask you to attend a couple meetings - with the client. <BR><BR>Basically, a user will login with their name and password - the database will recognize who they are and allow them to only see what we want them to see. They will search for the persons name and ID, if a person is not in the system they will create a NEW set of information for that person. If the person is already in the system they will select the persons name and be taken to the first page of the forms. They will update/change the first form - submit it and then be taken to the updated form in black & white - if they wish to print it they would from this page. If not, they then continue to the next form - until they have finished.<BR><BR>There are 13 forms and the SQL database with have to be copied for 7 different customers. The forms will be developed by HA&G Media, you (developer) will make sure that the forms are correctly working with the SQL database.<BR><BR>Also, a set of codes are being developed and would have to be accessible from the forms - it will require your guidance. This project is scheduled to begin within the next 3 weeks. We would like you to use Brinkster.com as a testing site - do you have experience using Brinkster?<BR><BR>If I&#039;ve left anything out - it will be covered later.<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Duane Smith<BR>hagmedia@msn.com<BR>hagmedia@hotmail.com< BR>(301) 515-0228