How to display records 10 first then another 10 et

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Thread: How to display records 10 first then another 10 et

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    Barry Maloney Guest

    Default How to display records 10 first then another 10 et

    This is the problem I&#039;m having - I have multiple records I want to ddisplay on a page but I only want the first ten displayed then the next ten (by clicking on a link) and an option to click back to the last ten etc...<BR>The problem is I can&#039;t think of a simple way of doing this because you can only move through recordsets one record at a time. My results page is called results.asp....and I&#039;m thinking that this page will have to be called by itself again and again passing args to itself depending on which 10 are to be displayed each time.<BR> Any input/ideas that might put me on the right/easier track.<BR> Thanks.<BR>

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    hi barry,<BR>this is quite easy.<BR>Just use the paging concept.Through which u bring required no. of records from the server to client and display those records.<BR>If u dont no the concepts check in all the asp sites.It gives a good explanation.Also the books i know which covers this concepts r asp3.0 wrox publications and asp unleashed.<BR><BR>bye<BR>

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    barry Guest

    Default Thanks Kamal

    I found paging code on a website but its very difficult to go through when looking at someone elses code.<BR>Is there any particular site you can remember that deals with paging particularly well?<BR> Thanks,<BR> Barry.

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