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    Sid Guest

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    OK Here goes i have a form that is created from a recordset within this i am creating checkboxes for each record they are named "ckB&#060;%=aCount%&#062;" so it goes ckB1 to whatever the last record is.<BR>What i need to do is within my checking function goe through all the available check boxes and put their values into a string.<BR><BR>Just can&#039;t seem to get my head around this one today .<BR>Also i have a hidden field which contains the top value of aCount<BR><BR>Can ya help<BR><BR>Cheers <BR><BR>Sid

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    Arky Guest

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    you can try doing form.elements[x].value and loop through all the form elements or you can use an eval() some people say eval() is bad (cough* cough* atrax) but he has never given any reason why (or even a link with real proof) so im assuming his basis is unfounded. so heres what i have done in the past with absolutely no problems<BR><BR>for(var i = 0; i &#060; mychkboxcnt; i++)<BR> {<BR> var chkboxvalue= eval("document.form.chkbox"+i+".value");<BR> //then do something with it <BR> }

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    Sid Guest

    Default Thanks It Works <eop>


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