mtx.exe increasing but cannot be killed

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Thread: mtx.exe increasing but cannot be killed

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    HI<BR><BR>I have a website in which there are about 8 registration pages and search page which is using my inbuilt MTX objects.Whenever I go for a search or a registration page the size of mtx.exe goes on increasing due to which my website hangs.<BR>If i unload it from webserver then only it is killed.<BR>I am not able to find out the mtx object being used which increases and does not decrease even after page is loaded.<BR>When homepage is loaded about 8 mtx objects are created out of which i can end 7 of them evenif the site is running.<BR><BR>All the objects are released after being used in my programs.<BR><BR>How to tackle this problem??<BR><BR><BR>can you <BR>

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    every MTS-package results in a mtx.exe<BR>As long as there are references to one of the objects in the package wou will see the object(s) turning around in the MTS Explorer and there will be one or more activated. So if this happens and you&#039;re just looking at the page .. you did something wrong.<BR>Call them from an and be sure you do release the object as soon as possible and certainly before you leave the asp-page.<BR>If you set references on the application- or the session-level the resources will not been released so easy.

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