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    Hi,<BR><BR>does anyone know how i can preserve line-breaks entered in forms (like this one). Now, i have to add <BR>-tags to create linebreaks, but i would like to be able just to hit enter and create a linebreak. I know that this question is rather easy, so here&#039s another one: is there a way to determine the width and height of an image?<BR><BR>

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    What we have done in the past for line braks is as the record is being inserted into the db, perform a (&#060;RB&#062; is a break tag).<BR>Replace(strfieldcontents, vbCrLf, "&#060;RB&#062;"). I have also seen people wrap the return with &#060;PRE&#062; & &#060;/PRE&#062; tags, and I believe this also works.<BR><BR>Width and height of an image can be determined by using javascript. I think it is something like document.theimagename.width. All you have to do is give your IMG tag a NAME="whatever".<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR>Jerry

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