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    what is the syntax to delete a record from a database by using an SQL query in ASP?

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    Hi Jaspreet Singh,<BR><BR>Its quite easy to do. You can use the "delete" sql statement to do this. Have a ASP variable called "sql_delete". Then set this variable as, sql_delete="delete from tablename where fieldname=variablename"<BR>Now use the connection object of ASP like, connectionobject.Execute sql_delete,rows<BR><BR>If the fieldname type in sql statement in a variable then u use &#039;"&variablename&"&#039;, if it is a numeric value, use "&variablename&"<BR><BR>The rows variable in Execute methos holds how many rows have been affected by the query. So you can use this to code your succes or failure pages depending on the outcome<BR><BR>I hope this solves ur problem<BR>Happy programming<BR>regards<BR>Ganesh

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