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    Hi everybody,<BR>I am actually trying to move user specific calculated data into Ms-Excel when the person clicks on a button in the ASP page and I am using VbScript to perform the action using server.createobject("Excel.Application") object. I am successfull in creating the Excel file and displaying it. But I would like to display the information in a formatted manner. So does anyone know how to format the background of an Excel cell and to format the text in the Excel file through ASP?<BR>Pl help me<BR>regards<BR>Ganesh

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    i&#039;m not sure if this will do it...<BR>you said you were able to display it, by using a: <BR> set Spreadsheet = creatobject...<BR> <BR>now, to write to the xls, :<BR> with Spreadsheet<BR> .Worksheets.cells(r, c) = the calculated data <BR> end with<BR><BR>&#039;where r is row and c is column and you can even write to different sheets by .worksheets(2).cells(r,c) where 2 is the index number for sheet. <BR><BR>Let me know if this works out. thanx.<BR>

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