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    Stanley Chong Guest

    Default ASP Icon gone ... in Win98

    ASP newbie needs help .. I noticed that my .asp files no longer have the ASP icon and PWS don&#039;t process the file. I checked that in Win Explorer-&#062;View-&#062;Folder-&#062;File Types, Active Server Pages 3.0 is missing. How do I get me .asp files defined and running again in Win98? Thanks. <BR><BR>PS Compaq tech support ask me to reload Win98 and Microsoft folks have not called back.

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    Yamaki Guest

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    I don&#039;t know about everyone else, but my PWS was flaky. I would suggest Un-Installing it and then Re-Installing it...remove it with the Add/Remove thingy in Control Panel. You can download the NT optino pack (with PWS for 98) here:<BR><BR><BR><BR>If your PWS version is corrupt. Good luck.<BR><BR>Yamaki<BR>&#060;&#062;&#060;

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    why don&#039;t you just re-add the association through windows explorer?<BR><BR>(did you install Photoshop recently by any chance? it takes over the .asp extension. which is VERY annoying)<BR><BR>j

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    Stanley Chong Guest

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    You are right ... my MTS fails to register during the PWS re-installation. That is probably why asp codes are not processed. Thanks.<BR><BR>Stanley

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