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    Hello Folks,<BR><BR>I am stumped by this discovery! I never knew that you could NOT include an external file into an asp or htm page. I tried doing this:<BR>&#060;!-- include virtual="" --&#062;<BR>in a file called include.asp which is in (they are two different Web servers). Strangely, it does not allow this, and errors out saying, "Cannot find Include file" (all file names and paths are spelled correctly). Is there a way I can include an external file into an ASP or HTML file? What is going on here? Thanks much in advance. <BR><BR>Wil.

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    Default Nope. Can't be done.

    You can use ASPTear (see articles on 4Guys) to *read* an external URL (and, if you wanted, then dump the output into the page the user sees), but you can *not* simply include it in your ASP.<BR><BR><BR>

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