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    How can I know if the top value in the drop down box is selected using asp ...something like document.formname.selectboxname.vlaue = 0<BR>in js<BR>any help

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    You can&#039;t just do it in any on page way like with JS. You would just have to have the user submit the form, then grab the variable, check to see what they selected against the top variable in the box, then act accordingly.

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    Default Assuming you meant client side

    document.formname.objectname.options[document.formname.objectname.selectedIndex].value will give you the value selected<BR><BR><BR>now what you can do is while populating the dropdown save the FIRST value into a variable then <BR><BR>if (document.formname.objectname.options[document.formname.objectname.selectedIndex].value == &#060;%=VariableName%&#062;)<BR>{<BR>//code when you select the first item in the dropdown<BR>}

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    Default Well, yes...but that's the hard way...

    Why couldn&#039;t you just do<BR><BR>if (document.formName.listName.selectedIndex == 0) <BR>{<BR>&nbsp; &nbsp; // top value was selected<BR>}<BR><BR>selectedIndex *always* starts at zero and increments by 1, so that is guaranteed to be safe.<BR><BR>However, I really do think the guy was asking for a server side answer.<BR><BR>

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