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    Veer Guest

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    Hi.<BR><BR>I want to know how to throw the entire recordset from a query to the client&#039;s machine and use it from there. I&#039;ve seen it somewhere either on or at MSDN. I&#039;m not sure. But I know it can happen.<BR><BR>You can see it in action at After you search, the entire recordset is navigated client-side. And no, it is not JavaScript.<BR><BR>Please please please, if anyone can help me, I will be very grateful. I want to improve performance of my site at I hope someone can help me.<BR><BR>Thank you.<BR><BR>Veer.

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    naughty.... naughty Guest

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    Ramakrishna Guest

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    Concept called Disconnected Recordset is available, suits for your requirement.<BR><BR> <BR><BR>

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    About a month ago i researched this and implemented a function that goes out to my SQL server, grabs a recordset, pushes it into an array, and then disconnects and free&#039;s up all the resources. That&#039;s the good story. (and if you want this function&#039;s code, email me --&#062;<BR><BR>The flipside of this is that the larger the array, the slower the client seems to operate. So, i&#039;m *now* researching how to build a special procuedure on my MS-SQL server that (seemingly) segments my recordsets into groups of 30 record rows. This is how you can avoid slowing down the client.<BR><BR>If you construct a special procedure (e.g., "sp_segmentor") that takes your requested recordset and then replicates it into a temporary table (that is destroyed when the connection is cut) with a row that contains a sequential ID, you will be able to then give your users small recordsets, and not bog down their browser.<BR><BR>Now, i haven&#039;t done this yet. So, can anyone see a potential problem or flaw in my plan? Especially in terms of high request volumes.<BR><BR>(and, by the way, this is why cross-posts ARE good, cause they reach different audiences (not all of us can afford the time to read the sundry messageboards here (much less hunt down crossposts (much less construct tynranical messages lambasting naive crossposters)))<BR><BR><BR>"live and let live all beasts u find strange"<BR>

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