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    Ok everyone, here is a question that has me stumped. Is there ANYTHING you can put over a dropdown to hide it??? For example, I have a javascript menusystem which when your mouse hovers over the link, a div block pops up with navigation links (in other words, a drop-down navigation), anyways, it won't go over dropdown boxes. The dropdown boxes actully appear on top of the menu dropdown.. Z-index ordering doesn't work, and I have found some work-a-rounds, like hiding it and moving them on down the screen. But, I need a solution. I even tested a picture with absolute positioning and with z-indexing set, and no matter what I did, the dropdown box still appeared OVER the image. ARRGHGHH!!

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    nope, you can&#039;t put stuff over them. why would you want to? that just shows a poorly thought-out design, IMHO.<BR><BR>they behave like this for the same reason that Flash movies and embedded quicktimes do it - they&#039;re activeX Controls. Netscape 6.0 can probably handle it, but not IE or NN4<BR><BR>j

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    You have to remember that this is a dropdown menu system that is displayed (not via a drop down box navigation), much like Microsofts menu system at the top of their website. As far as poorly thought out design, well, the application is an intranet application with heavy data entry, usually, the user must select some type of &#039;key&#039; via a dropdown box to display the related records. Now, the key to this would be positioning the dropdown boxes to ensure that the menu system will never flop onto one of the dropdowns. But, the whole menu system is dynamically database driven, and knowing where to put the required drop-down without the user saying, "What the hell is it doing down there!", is almost impossible. <BR><BR>The only other alternative I can think of is actually turn the visibility off on ALL dropdowns on the screen when the menu system is being used.<BR><BR>The system is only going to be used in the latest versions of IE. What I was really wondering is if anyone knows of any type of possible solutions other then stated above. Would some type of DHTML layering do the trick, etc?<BR><BR>

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